University of California Davis Interpretive Approaches to Scripture Essay

University of California Davis Interpretive Approaches to Scripture Essay

Davis Interpretive Approaches to Scripture Essay

Paper #1 Start Assignment Due Sunday by 9pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload File Types doc, docx, and pdf Write an expository essay in which you discuss how allegoresis and midrash differ as interpretive approaches to Scripture. Choose one question/answer from Philo of Alexandria and one or two midrashim, and discuss what each text tells us about the passage(s) in the Torah that it interprets, about allegoresis and midrash as interpretive methods, and about what the authors’ interpretations tell us about their sexual politics. 2 pages maximum. Writing Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts Thesis 10 pts The thesis and discussion are clear, sophisticated, and well organized. 8 pts The thesis is clear and sophisticated. The discussion is slightly unclear or lacking in sophistication or organization 7 pts The thesis is unclear, bland, and/or obvious. Not supported by evidence or examples 6 pts The thesis is vague or too broad. You just restate obvious points or give misinformation 10 pts Structure 16 pts 20 pts Your thesis is supported by a number of relevant examples, each of which is clearly presented in the body of the essay and elaborated with good transitions between ideas. Your conclusion is appropriate 18 pts Generally clear but some of the ideas may need more elaboration. Most transitions are good. Some ideas may lack a clear introduction. The conclusion is appropriate Transitions between ideas are unclear, or you may wander from topic to topic. Some ideas are not well integrated into the essay. The conclusion is unsupported by the essay. 12 pts The structure is unclear. Few topic sentences and the transitions between ideas are hard to follow. Conclusion is inappropriate or missing 20 pts Completeness 15 pts You answer the question or address the problem you pose, including all relevant information 12 pts You include most of the information required but you have left out some minor) aspects of your subject. 10 pts You do not address a major part of the question or topic. 8 pts You do not address the topic, or you veer into another topic 15 pts Use of Evidence 25 pts Appropriately chosen examples or other evidence are used to illustrate your argument. Citations are well chosen, fully integrated into the essay, and properly cited. 22 pts Good use of examples or other evidence to support your ideas. However, at times, you cite examples or evidence without really explaining their relevance. Overall, you use examples or evidence well. Citations are fairly well chosen, generally well integrated in the essay, and properly cited. 18 pts Examples and evidence used are not appropriate to the question or relevant examples/evidence are missing You often use examples and evidence without explaining their relevance. Citations are not well chosen, well integrated, or properly cited. 16 pts Evidence and examples are vague, wrong. wrongly interpreted, or simply missing. Citations are not integrated into the argument 25 pts Terms/Vocabulary 15 pts Excellent use of relevant terminology or specialized vocabulary. Demonstrates understanding of these terms. 12 pts Generally good use of relevant terminology or specialized vocabulary. Sometimes terms are misapplied. 10 pts Avolds relevant terminology or specialized vocabulary when they should be used or occasionally misuses terms. 8 pts Shows no attempt to use or understand relevant terminology or specialized vocabulary. 15 pts Grammar/Style 15 pts No problems of either grammar or spelling. Your style is sophisticated and appropriate. The essay is a pleasure to read. 12 pts Generally no problems in either grammar or spelling. Occasional minor difficulties in style. The essay is readable and well organized. 10 pts Some minor problems with grammar, but lots of spelling/punctuation lapses. 8 pts Paper shows little or no evidence of proofreading. Major and frequent errors in spelling and grammar. Difficult to read. 15 pts Total Points: 100


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