UOP PM 582 OLLO Performance Report – Need Before Midnight

Resource: Performance Report Template

Use the Performance Report Template provided and research specific project management metrics (ex -Earned Value, Return on Investment, etc.) to become familiar with those on the template.

Create a full performance report for the case study from Week 2 (OLLO) using the modified (based on instructor feedback) information from previous weeks (ex – WBS, Change Management plans, communication plans, etc.).

Indicate the stakeholders who would receive the report.

Include specific metrics on the performance report to demonstrate if the project was successful or not at the time of reporting

Include an approximately 200- to 250-word explanation in each area on the template to help indicate what each of the metrics demonstrate, lessons learned, team functioning throughout the project, etc.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



OLLO is an e-commerce company specializing in mail-order retail. They are trying to accomplish an increase in sales by 30% over the next 2 years and a growth in internal staff by 15% over the next year to support this effort. Offices are being asked to support this effort by creating a plan for the next 2 years to increase sales and support growth in internal staff over the next year.  The plan will be delivered to stakeholders within OLLO to gain their support.


  • Restricted to offices at OLLO locations (domestic only, not international).
  • Does not include external activities outside of the mail-order services OLLO provides.


  • Increase sales at OLLO by 30% in the next 2 years.
  • Increase internal OLLO staff by 15% in the next year to support the sales growth.
  • Demonstrate the plan to stakeholders within OLLO to gain their support.



Performance Report






OLLO E-Commerce

One Hideaway

Nowhere, faraway 00000




January 30, 2017

Project Performance Report


Project Cost and Schedule Performance Report
Project: Date: 05/01/20xx
WBS Element Planned Value (PV) Earned Value (EV) Actual Cost (AC) Cost Variance (CV)
1.0 Product  Planning $45,000 $43,500 $44,000 ($500)
2.0 Product Design $75,000 $73,000 $71,000 $2,000
3.0 Product Build $90,000 $90,000 $91,000 ($1,000)
4.0 Product Testing $55,000      
5.0 Product Implementation $35,000      
Totals: $300,000 $206,500 $206,000 $500



1.      Current Status of Risks and Issues –


2.      Significant Achievements –


3.      Challenges Identified –


4.      Is this project successful or not? Why? –


5.      Team Function (did they perform well or not together as a team and why?) –


6.      Lessons Learned – (provide at least 2-3 examples)



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