Using MS Excel In Logistics Activities

In your Using MS Excel in Logistics Activities assignment, enter the data provided in the scenario into a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In your spreadsheet,

  • Calculate the total volume of the products.
  • Calculate the total weight of the products.
  • Calculate the total weight of the shipment (ignore the shelving).
  • Determine the number of 40-ft containers required to ship the order.
  • Calculate the total shipping cost from the Dell plant to the Oracle campus.


Additional Guidance:

A couple of points to help you earn the best score on your submission.

Submit your excel spreadsheet showing the calculations for the answers.  Do not merely use the excel software as a spreadsheet; the intent of the exercise is for you to use the basic functions available in the cells (activated with the = sign).  If you do not understand or need additional assistance, please send me an email.

The calculations are only the first step in any business solution.  What you do with the calculations (analysis / recommendation) is as important as completing the math.  The better solutions place the final answer in an understandable format with analysis in a text box.  Again, if you do not know how to do this, please send me an email.

Clearly show the answer for each of the questions in the problem and explain why you chose that particular option.

  • attachment


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