Assignment: Case Analysis Study

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Assignment: Case Analysis Study

Assignment: Case Analysis Study

I have started on the assignment. It just need to add on more information and revised what I have written.

Conduct a case analysis, two to four pages in length, of an athlete struggling with a stress-related performance problem, using the details provided below. Your case study should address the following elements:




  • Client Issues: Describe at least two core issues the client is trying to manage, and provide examples. Establish a relationship between the issue and stress.
  • Position: Articulate and provide reasoning for your position on each issue.Conclusion: Include a conclusion about the stress-related performance issue and make a final recommendation.



Maggie is a high-school freshman. She loves sports and has played, and excelled at, both team and individual sports throughout her life. Her friendships have largely been developed through her participation in sports. She plays soccer and softball and competes in several track events. Although she has been most successful in track events, her favorite sport is softball. She loves the pace of the game, the athletic skills required, the team camaraderie, and just the feel of being out on the field. Also, her best friend plays softball, so they have this in common, and they are attending the same high school.




She has been both excited and nervous about beginning high school—excited because she knows high school will give her an opportunity to meet new friends through sports, but nervous because she knows the level of competition in high school will be much greater than what she has experienced thus far.




Maggie tries out for soccer, track team, and softball. She easily makes the track team, being one of the fastest sprinters in the tryouts. She is an alternate for the soccer team, which surprises her because she has always been one of the best soccer players on her intramural team in middle school. She does not make the softball team. Her best friend, who did make the team, tries to cheer her up, as do her parents, but Maggie is disappointed and confused. Since the tryouts, she has had trouble sleeping, has had trouble studying, and seems to be losing interest in track and soccer. The track coach, concerned about her lack of enthusiasm and effort in track, has contacted her parents. When he did, he discovered that her parents have recently been separated, and her mother, whom she lives with, has put the house up for sale.


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