Assignment: Site- Community Living Center

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Assignment: Site- Community Living Center

Assignment: Site- Community Living Center

Education Topic- Aromatherapy to Help Increase Wellness of Hospice Patients

Include- 2 goals and objectives (Healthy People 2020)

Implementation Plan

A budget If needed

Justification for the Project

Where and When (Community Living Center on a Friday Morning after Breakfast 9AM End of Febuary Date to be determined)

Recommended interventions

Potential expected outcomes

Potential Public and private partnerships

nations and vast amounts of supplies and demanded the organization of all the nations’ resources for military purposes (Kalisch & Kalisch, 1986). Along with Lillian Wald and Jane A. Delano, director of nursing in the American Red Cross, Nutting initiated a national publicity campaign to recruit young women to enter nurses’ training. The Army School of Nursing, headed by Annie Goodrich as dean, and the Vassar Training Camp for Nurses prepared nurses for the war as well as home nursing and hygiene nursing through the Red Cross (Dock & Stewart, 1931). The committee estimated that there were at most about 200,000 active “nurses” in the United States, both trained and untrained, which was inadequate for the military effort abroad (Kalisch & Kalisch, 1986).

At home, the influenza epidemic of 1917 to 1919 led to increased public awareness of the need for public health nursing and public education about hygiene and disease prevention. The successful campaign to attract nursing students focused heavily on patriotism, which ushered in the new era for nursing as a profession. By 1918, nursing school enrollments were up by 25%. In 1920, Congress passed a bill that provided nurses with military rank (Dock & Stewart, 1931). Following close behind, the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted women the right to vote.

Palliative Care is painful for the person and their family when the time comes because it indicates terminal illness and the end of life. 
The main goal at this point is to make the person as comfortable as possible.


Aromatherapy and massage, as well as other supportive therapies, are typically beneficial during this period.


Aromatherapy can be applied to the hands, arms, feet, and legs in variety of methods, including through relaxing or pain-relieving massage, diffuser, or warmed aromatic cloths.


Aromacare’s experts have witnessed firsthand how aromatherapy improves people’s quality of life at this critical moment. 
Aromatherapy has low chance of causing negative side effects.


Aromatherapy’s Advantages


Aromatherapy is useful in palliative care for variety of health disorders that cause discomfort, as it helps to calm and heal.


The following are some of the advantages:


Pain management


Increasing appetite by improving emotions and allowing re-engagement in life’s pleasures


Getting more sleep at night


Anxiety, fear, and despair are reduced.


Skin quality is improved, and skin tears and pain are reduced.


Circulation improvement


Aromacare has created Palliative Care Aromatherapy Kit that is excellent for aged care institutions, palliative care units, hospices, and acute care hospitals that are caring for people who are dying. 
The package is tailored to the needs of persons who are getting palliative care.


There are skin care products to repair damaged skin, increase moisture, and retain integrity, massage oils to treat muscular tension, relax, and relieve joint pain, and essential oil blends to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and promote wellbeing in the collection.


Untitled-1 Various Blends for Various Benefits


Pain and Stress Reduction


Some persons receiving palliative care may endure physical or mental stress as result of their treatment. 
Aromatherapy and massage are frequently used to assist soothe emotions, relieve muscle tension, and induce relaxation in those who are distressed.


Massage allows for physical contact, which provides emotional relief and enhances the caregiver-client bond.


Pure Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Rosewood, and Palmarosa mixtures have been proven to be useful in reducing stress.


Anxiety and depression are two conditions that affect people.


The idea of approaching the end of life takes its toll on many palliative care patients. 
Depression and anxiety are common symptoms, and aromatherapy can help alleviate anxiety and agitation while also elevating one’s mood.


Aromatherapy is beneficial for those receiving palliative care, but it also helps family members cope with their own feelings of imminent death.


Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, Geranium, Orange, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang are all excellent essential oils for calming the mind.


Repair of the skin


Many people in palliative care have skin issues that are bothersome. 
Aromatherapy lotions can help repair damaged and bruised skin by reducing inflammation, increasing moisture and suppleness, and speeding up the healing process.


Calendula and Arnica oils, as well as Lavandin Super and Geranium essential oils, have been shown to improve skin integrity and support optimal wound healing.


Appetite Stimulant is substance that stimulates the appetite.


Patients undergoing palliative care frequently experience loss of appetite. 
Certain essential oils trigger the brain’s hunger center. 
Citrus essential oils diffused in diffuser or applied to warm face cloths might help stimulate appetite before meals; these oils also have mood-lifting therapeutic impact.


Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Orange essential oils can promote hunger.


Aromatherapy has been found to improve person’s quality of life in palliative care by delivering therapeutic interventions that relieve pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as support and promote physical, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being.
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