CAPS 265 Bryant and Stratton College Human Service Scenario Essay




In lecture, you learned about different forms of feedback, including employees receiving feedback from evaluations and companies gleaning knowledge from completed employee surveys. The information being shared during employee evaluations helps employees make decisions about their goals to guide personal improvement and aids a company in determining an employee’s value. Relatedly, we explored some tips for how employees can ask for a raise and/or negotiate salary and demonstrate their worth to a company.

In your initial post, please address the following:

  • Read through the article available at the following weblink (titled “How to Ask for a Raise (with Script Examples)”). As you do so, try to put yourself in the mindset of someone asking for a raise.
  • Now, imagine you are approaching your current employer to ask for a raise.
    • If you are not employed currently, imagine you are still employed and asking a former employer for a raise or envision yourself having this conversation with a future employer.
  • Create your own script of what you could say when asking for a raise.
    • In so doing, make sure to list the duties you had when you initially started the job and the duties you ended up performing, explain how you showed or added valued to the company, etc.
    • PART 2
    • you will complete your Scenario Essay. To begin, please complete the scenario using the weblink below titled “Job Feedback Simulation.” Then, once you have completed the simulation, write an essay based on the scenario, using the detailed directions and rubric in the link below titled “Scenario Essay.docx.” CAPS265 – Week 5 Scenario Essay.docx CAPS265 – Week 5 Scenario Essay.docx – Alternative FormatsCAPS265 – Week 5 Job Feedback SimulationFor a printable version of the Simulation Script use the link below. Scenarios script.docx Scenarios script.docx – Alternative Formats
    • Part 3
    • Suppose you are a crisis worker in a community mental health clinic setting. You are seeing a young man, Dale, for the first time. While taking the case history, Dale reveals to you that he has a long history of heroin use. He discloses he recently found out that he is HIV positive. Dale admits to openly sharing needles with others and engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior. He says he has been in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart and she is unaware of his multiple sexual partners, as well as his recent diagnosis. Dale is uncertain what his next steps should be and has come to the clinic for guidance.
      • Asses a crisis worker’s responsibilities in the area of confidentiality.
      • Evaluate your concerns in terms of the moral, ethical or legal implications of this case.


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