Cypress College Racial Inequality in The United States Reflective Paper




Research Paper

– The assignment will enable you to explore a topic of your choosing related to the

sociology of the environment. A research paper poses a question, provides an answer to that question, and

provides evidence that that answer is a good one. Potential topics for this paper, and the format, will be

discussed throughout the course. This paper should be typed, approximately 8 double-spaced pages long,

and conform to accepted university essay standards. need 8 pages double spaced excluding title page and references

and their are some broad topics covered through the course you need to select any question from these topic and answer it the question should be relevant to sociology of environment and from these topics

capitalism and growth

rationalization and disinhancement of nature

social labour and historical nature of human being

treadmil of production and industrialization


environmental policies rights of nature


Explanation & Answer length: 8 Pages

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