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Politics in Society


  1. Describe the role of politics in society. Provide examples. For your response, reflect on how politics is viewed by each theoretical perspective.

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Politics influence various aspects of society, including economic opportunities and access to education, healthcare and other vital resources. Politics can be viewed by the major theoretical perspective as follows:

Functionalist Perspective: Functionalists view government and politics as a way to enforce and regulate conflict. They view dysfunction in society as a means to create social problems that evidently lead to social change. Functionalists see active social change, such as Black Lives Matter movement, as undesirable because it forces change and, as a result, undesirable things that might have to be compensated for.

Conflict Theory Perspective: Conflict Theorists’ view focuses on the social inequality and power differences within a group. They view that conflict was the only way for the underprivileged to eventually gain some measure of equality. Political differences over budget issues, for example, led to the recent shutdown of the federal government, and alternative political groups, such as the Tea Party, are gaining a significant following.

Symbolic Interactionalist Perspective: Symbolic Interactionalists’ view focuses on figures, emblems, or individuals that represent power and authority. As a microscopic perspective they are interested between the small groups who makes the decisions, i.e congressional comittees (who ironically demonstrate the inability to make decisions at all). The value is politics is the meetings between indiviudals and small groups over periods over time.

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