CC The Gender Wage Gap Sociology Discussion




After reading chapter 18 and listening to the course audio, respond to the discussion.

  1. Explain Gender/Wage pay gap. Do women and men have differences in pay?
  2. How would you suggest to end structural discrimination with the wage gap?
  3. How can we close the gender pay gap?



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Janeth Quinonez5:25pmAug 18 at 5:25pm

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1) After reading chapter 18 and listening to the course audio I would define the gender/wage pay gap as the differences in earnings between women and men. This would include the skills and qualifications that the employee has had. I do believe although both genders have the same qualifications they tend to pay men more than women. Women are generally considered to be paid less than men and in my next paragraph, I’ll explain why and what I would suggest ending the structural discrimination wage gap.

2) I first want to start off by saying is that I believe the main reason for both of these gaps is that we have more men than women in our senor, more well-paid roles. So men and women may have the same qualifications but women aren’t usually offered a good job position or an upgrade where they can increase and be more successful. I believe it’s mostly given to men because of their gender. I would suggest people being able to discuss their salaries with their colleagues and normalizing this because we cannot tell when they are making less than their male colleagues for doing the same job. Another thing we can do is to pass a national-paid family and medical leave insurance program. Women tend to have caregiving responsibilities often which are more likely to have to leave the paid labor force to provide family care. This can target discrimination and denied job opportunities because of negative stereotypes about their caregiving.

3) We can also try to raise the minimum wage. This will help hardworking women better support their families and by increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would boost wages for about 15 million women and help close the gender wage gap. Another important thing would be that companies need to consider their current practices and question their decision-making process when it comes to paying. Small tweaks made constantly can make a significant change in the wage gap if they were willing to. One thing I find really important to be able to close the gap is to spread awareness about it and get more educated on the subject. It is tough to notice how the gender pay gap impacts other employees if you are not the one being affected. The workplace needs to be an equal environment on all fronts. You can’t change the wage gap without knowing why it occurred or how much your colleagues are getting paid vs yourself.

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