Grace Christian University Prophets and False Prophets Discussion

Grace Christian University Prophets and False Prophets Discuss

Prophets and False Prophets Discussion


A true test of a prophet is TRUTH. Prophets are not prophets because they spoke eloquent words. A prophet was God’s mouthpiece. God demonstrates His own perfection through the lives of imperfect yet yielded prophets. In this assignment, the student will trace the themes of the Major prophets.

  • View the following video about the Major Prophets:
  • Read Dr. Long’s notes, “Introduction to the Prophets”
  • Read Introductions and the Global Message articles in the ESV Global Study Bible notes for the following books (How to Navigate the ESV Website ):
    • Ezekiel
    • Daniel
  • Using the notes from Dr. Long, as well as additional research, discuss the following:
    • Identify and explain three (3) major themes found in the Major Prophets.
    • Who is the intended audience of each theme?
    • Is there a broader meaning beyond the era of the Prophet and Israel in their time and place? Explain your answer

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