PHIL 202 Upper Iowa University Contemporary Ethics Questions

PHIL 202 Upper Iowa University Contemporary Ethics Questions

Contemporary Ethics Questions

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Metaphorically speaking yes. I forgot what song the lyrics went something along the lines if you need to steal, steal someone love or heart. I forgot the exact line, but this stood out to me for unknown reason when I read the question. Also the story of Robin hood comes to mind. I find that stealing from those who have stolen from you to get back your stuff, whatever that might be, I have no issues with that. Stealing however won’t create a productive society. Why should I work hard when I can be lazy and steal? I heard somewhere that thieves are bad people just lazy people looking for the easy way.


I think stealing is always wrong. I knew people when I was in high school that were poor and stole food from grocery stores to feed themselves because their parents did not have enough money left over to keep the refrigerator full for the remainder of the month. As sad as the situation is, stealing is still wrong. It is wrong in the eyes of the law and in religion, lying is wrong. Personally, I could not bring myself to steal. As a young adult (I’m still young lol), prior to joining the Army, I was homeless, hungry, cold, broke, etc. I felt a strong temptation to steal and I did not. Everyone is different, but this is just how I am. It is also against my religion to lie and steal. Lying is inevitable. Everyone lies or has lied in the past. Not everyone has stolen or will steal in the future. A situation I can think of that can justify stealing is if it is a life or death situation.

I vaguely remember a story of a teenager who appeared before a judge. The charge was “driving without a license”. When the judge asked the 14 year old boy why he was driving without a license, the boy replied, “Your Honor, I needed to go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for my mom. She’s diabetic and had ran out of medicine days prior”. The judge believed the boy, because there was a picked up prescription in the front seat and he had been pulled over close to that pharmacy. They judge sentenced the boy to community service, but said “I understand why you did it, but you still broke the law. Instead of punishing you more than I could, I hope you learn your lesson upon completing this community service”.


Is stealing, okay? In my opinion, no. I think stealing is morally wrong. If I lost or misplaced somthing that was clearly me wether I remember or not, I will opt to replace it, or do work to pay my debt as soon as possible. Is there really a line to draw when it comes to stealing? If someone steals a 1965 fully restored Ford Mustang and another person steals a replica hot wheel. Does it really depend on the owners personal investment or how much the dollar value is? If there were no limits to stealing things, where would we draw the line?


Many people have stolen things, whether they realize it or not. I myself have stolen things in the past, and though my morales are sometimes iffy and hypocritical, I still recognize that stealing is ALWAYS wrong and if I or anyone else chose to take something without permission, the act being done would still be considered wrong in my eyes. I know many people believe stealing from the rich is ok or think stealing because your family is starving is justified, but it is still stealing. From a moral sense, it may seem like a good idea, but it’s also a selfish mindset. Whether it was a loaf of bread, money, a car, it belonged to someone; whether the person deserved the things they had is irrelevant because if the roles were reversed one would not want their possessions stolen. Using Kant’s universal law, its clear why theft would be considered wrong. For example, consider the question “what if everyone were to steal.” not just the poor stealing from the rich, or some other “understandable” cause. what if everyone stole anything they wanted from anyone they wanted at any time they wanted. Most would hate to live in a world such as this, and just like the law states if the asnwer to “what if everyone did it” cant be answered with yes, the action is wrong.


There are a lot routes that you can take on this topic. For example, NCAA gets accused of exploiting athletes to bring in billions of dollars while the players get none of it. Kantian Theory states that we should all abide by universal moral law which means that if we agree that one thing is moral then it is ok. NCAA gets away with it by saying the provide funds in free or cheaper forms of education that other students do not get the benefit of. This is were that moral dilemma kicks in. Is it right to not pay these athletes because they are receiving some form of compensation or since the money they bring in is way more than the tuition, they should be given what they are worth. The moral law is conflicted because of that. In regards to experimental research on animals, since humans are incomparably greater, it would make sense that we should be allowed to test on them to make sure that it wouldn’t harm humans according to Kant. Other people do not feel the same way about that. It is all based on a matter of opinion on what is right or wrong at that point.


If we were to consider exploiting people for money in a Kantian point of view then it would not necessarily be wrong. Kant did not believe in morals as much as he did pure reason in decision making. That being said if someone wants to exploit money, than they shall do so. Kant believed that moral law blinded individuals in their decision making, and that it should not be a determining factor. Though I can understand the reasoning behind this point of veiw on this subject I do not entirely agree with it. I believe that a level of respect must be paid to morals and what is acceptable. If everyone thought the way Kant veiwed things then the world would be a mad house, as people would do whatever they pleased.


Being as this is a difficult topic for me. I am a human being and of course I would think I am above an animal. I would hate for someone to kill me in any way, humane or npt. Personally I believe it is wrong to test anything on animals for our gain,because they have no choice in the matter when it comes to testing any type of products no matter what it is. We are mamals just like any other. The difference is we can voice our thoughts and feelings.Now as hard as I feel about this, I still eat meat. I moderate as much as I can to eat as little as I can manage in a meal. I will put almost 1 pound of beef in a recipe that requires at least 2 pounds of beed to feed a family of 4 and still have left overs, bit expand it with veggies and grain. I think that we are as beautiful as the lord wants. So I don’t wear make-up, I only take meds I have to take and make sure they are not tested on animals or harm the planet.I repurchase and recycle so that nothing is wasted including composed natural foods and left overs if any. We as people are greety and selfish instead of being humble and within reason in comfortable livable means.


The Kantian view on exploiting people for money or experimental research on animals would be two different things. Exploiting people for money would not be considered a good moral act and would be frowned upon because it would not be doing the right thing unless that person accepted unconditionally to be exploited for money. The animals on the other hand are considered less valuable so it would be acceptable to use the animals for experimental research as long as good things for humans will come of it. I agree with the Kantian view because it bases decisions on what would be considered an ethically good decision-making process. Focusing on the motive or the act being based on good decisions and not the consequences means you are willing to do what is needed and what is right even if it means the outcome is negative. Even when you know something will have a negative consequence owing up to mistakes is the right thing to do, if people are to respect you they need to know that your honest even if that means admitting to failure or mistakes. Following the thought that we should act as god has stated through the 10 commandments is a sound practice for bringing people together so that civilizations can grow with meaning and purpose.

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