NVCC Binary Sex Gender Dysphoria & Conversion Therapy Article Review

NVCC Binary Sex Gender Dysphoria & Conversion Therapy Article Review

NVCC Binary Sex Gender Dysphoria & Conversion Therapy


Due April 17th: Write a report on the following video and the three articles (100 points):


Video on Youtube: “Dr Q Van Meter: The Terrible Fraud of Transgender Medicine”


Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC0zn0D_MyM


The Three Articles:

  1. “In Humans, Sex is Binary and Immutable”
    1. PDF posted on Canvas under “files”
  2. “Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate”
    1. PDF posted on Canvas under “files”
  3. Does “Conversion Therapy” Hurt People Who Identify as Transgender? The New JAMA Psychiatry Study Cannot Tell Us
    1. Posted on Canvas as: “Articles Two and Three for the Ethical Case Study” (you only need to read the first one listed as “Article 2:” (read the other article too if you want)
    2. https://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2019/09/57145/


The topic of your paper is about the treatment of children and the issue of consent. It is not about the wider issue of transgender rights for consenting adults (This is a free country; people are allowed to do what they want). Please Note: The purpose of the assignment is not to critique Dr. Q Van Meter (an expert in his field of pediatric endocrinology) or the articles. Though potentially worthwhile that is not the purpose of this report.


However, this is clearly a highly political issue. More importantly it is an ethical issue relating to medicine, i.e., diagnosis and treatments. The politics are seemingly inextricably tied up with the ethics. Part of your paper should address why that is. The purpose of this assignment is to help you get a grasp of the history, science and ethical ramifications of this issue. You are to watch this video and write your report with ethics in mind (how is ethics different than morals? How is ethics different than the law?) You should bring all that you have learned in this class to bear on your report. You are of course allowed to fully agree or disagree with Dr. Van Meter and the other authors, but you must substantiate your position no matter what it is.  The point of the assignment is to become more familiar with treatment of children and consent. I want you to show me your thinking about this ethical issue and its implications. Show me how you think ethical violations can be prevented. Throughout this assignment you should constantly be asking yourself: What is ethics?


Due date: Saturday April 17th before 5PM by through Canvas [You may of course turn this assignment in early at any time]


Use full paragraphs (no bullet points etc.), in essay format (double spaced, 12 point font, well edited).


First read the articles. Second watch the video. As you watch take notes and begin to draft your paper. Here is what I will expect from your report:

  1. Drawing from the three articles and the video answer the following questions, support your answers with reasons and explanations (you should explicitly draw on class material as you do this, i.e., you should cite and quote from the three assigned articles and the other class readings):
    1. Why is this an ethical issue, what does it mean that it has “ethical implications”?
    2. What ethical violations have happened, why are they violations?
    3. Why have these ethical violations been accepted?
    4. What should be done?
  2. Be sure to cover the history reviewed in the video
    1. Some terms that you should specifically not forget to include (for full points you should try to include more than just what is specified here). Please BOLD all of the terms in your report:
      1. Gender; Sex; Gametes; Fraud; Consent; W.P.A.T.H. [of particular importance]
    2. Individuals
      1. Make sure to explain the role of all of the individuals discussed by Dr. Van Meter in this video (be sure to bold their names).
    3. Discuss “scientific” research, i.e., explain how journal article publications are fraudulently produced and used to amplify only one side of this issue, supporting only one narrative
  3. How did this issue become medical, and medically accepted?

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