PHI 110 University of Miami Nature of Theoretical Thinking and Abstraction Discussion

University of Miami Nature of Theoretical Thinking and Abstraction

Nature of Theoretical Thinking and Abstraction

PHI 110 Questions

Answer 2 of the questions listed below, at most 2 pages for each question with 1,5 spacing and 12 point font. Please send the answers to me by email before noon, 03/26. –  RH


  1. Explain the distinction between theoretical and practical thinking and reasoning. Give examples.
  2. Give a short characterization of abductive, deductive and inductive reasoning and their role in inquiry.
  3. Describe C. S. Peirce’s four methods of belief formation and their main weaknesses.
  4. What are the main weaknesses of the method of tenacity and the method of authority (according to Peirce)?
  5. Describe the main features of the hypothetico-deductive method. Give an example,
  6. Define the logical form of an argument and give examples.
  7. Define the validity of argument and give examples of valid and invalid arguments.
  8. How can (a) the validity, and (b) the invalidity of an argument be proved by trying to find a counterexample to the argument?
  9. Under what conditions does the verification of some testable consequence of a hypothesis confirm it (increase its probability)?
  10. Confirmation as the increase of the probability of a hypothesis.

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