PHIL 1301 CCQ Mind and Body Problem Worksheet

PHIL 1301 CCQ Mind and Body Problem Worksheet

Your assignment is as follows.



Outline in detail the Mind and body problem. Explain the different responses in Metaphysics to it. How effective are the arguments made?





You may use the information I gave you in my class presentations, our class discussions, your class notes and information from the course book to help you.





The assignment should be no more than 500 words (no more than 10% over or under 500 words will be accepted) and be in the following format:


  1. It must be typed.


  1. All typed documents must be double spaced.


  1. All typed documents must be in Times New Roman 12 point font.


  1. Please type the word count on the last page of your assignment on the bottom right.


We will review the assignment details together at the beginning of our next class.


Please do not forget I am here to help, advise and guide you. My office hours can be found on the course syllabus I sent you, and you can contact me any time via Blackboard or If you need any kind of assistance, I will always respond promptly and do my best to help you.


Good luck & happy writing!


Kind regards,

Alan Sandy


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