PLSC 1 The Ohio State University Distinguished Gentleman Review

PLSC 1 The Ohio State University Distinguished Gentleman Review

Distinguished Gentleman Review


Here are some items that I would like you to include in your movie review

  • What are your overall impressions of the film?
  • What class concepts were shown in the film? (what was exaggerated and what was accurate in your mind?)
  • What was your favorite scene in the film and why?
  • Initially in the film, what tactic did Eddy Murphy’s character employ to get elected to Congress? How did this relate to our discussion about incumbent advantages?
  • How did this film contribute to the public’s stereotypes about politicians and how did it move the audience towards a positive view of politicians?
  • What did they have to say about interest groups in the film and what is your analysis of that in terms of what we learned about interest groups?

CAVEATS: This film is a comedy and so some of you will see or hear things as you watch the film that might be offensive and are completely “politically incorrect”. If this concerns you then please do not watch the film and don’t do this voluntary assignment. But I would urge you all to realize that comedians in our country say and do unconventional things so try to be tolerant and realize that this is just a film and a comedy. We have lost this ability to be tolerant of late in our country and I am very dismayed about our “cancel culture” and people castigating others for exercising their right to free speech and expression.  It is our right in this country to make films like this and we need to be more tolerant of artistic and comedic expression (especially when it comes to media and art that addresses our government and politics). If you don’t like it then simply turn the channel or don’t watch things that don’t appeal to you. Freedom means that we have to be tolerant of what others say and do and that we can certainly disagree or be disgusted but we must not penalize others for exercising their rights. We can combat what others say but not their right to say it. This is my opinion and it underpins my teaching philosophy.  .

With this you can just google a summary of the film and answer these questions !


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