University of California Irvine The Gefilte Film Review

University of California Irvine The Gefilte Film Review


The Gefilte Film Review watch this film.

In this class we will watch several films that relate to the topics we study and the material we cover in class. Films provide another dimension to our learning, allowing us to experience and understand lives, cultures, and situations that differ substantially from our own.

The format for each film response will remain consistent. You will use these questions to structure your film response:

Summarize the film.

Connect the film to class

Identify and define at least two concepts from class that are present within the film.

Summarize the scene/part of the film that illustrates each concept. (one for each concept)

Explain how the concept is present in the scene. (once for each concept)

Review the film.

What does the film do well?

What do you think the film could do better?

Would you recommend this film? To whom? Why or why not?

You are welcome to write your film response as an essay OR to simply number each question and write your response below.


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